Bainbridge College Course Evaluation System

Thank you for taking time to complete this evaluation of your instructor.

Bainbridge College is committed to providing high quality instruction, services, and facilities. Your instructor and the college rely on your assessment to strengthen our teaching methods and to improve the facilities and services we provide. To further this goal, we ask students to complete an evaluation of each of their instructors and to comment on our services and facilities. Please be assured that your anonymity will be protected and the completion of the evaluation will in no way affect your grade. Your instructor will receive a typed summary only of the written comments and a statistical summary of the scored responses.

We ask that you be fair and honest in your evaluation. The form is quite simple to use and should take only a few minutes. We would especially appreciate your written comments at the end of the form.

Thank you again for helping us strengthen our instruction, facilities, and services at Bainbridge College.

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