Web Policy

ABAC-Bainbridge recognizes the World Wide Web as an important electronic medium that will expand its instructional, administrative, and marketing functions. The purpose of the college web site is to further the mission of the college by providing an electronic information distribution and communication service. This policy page was created to clarify the responsibilities of those engaged in page construction and to promote accurate, useful, and attractive web pages. ABAC-Bainbridge acknowledges that the Web is ever changing and that web policies will need to be continually reviewed and modified.

There are two major audiences for ABAC-Bainbridge web pages: Internal users, primarily students, staff and faculty; and external users, including potential students and alumni. In addition, ABAC-Bainbridge recognizes that the WWW audience is literally worldwide.

Web Policies

1. The official website at ABAC-Bainbridge is an open public document. Information that needs to be protected by password security should not be placed on any official college web page.

2. Individual home telephone numbers and home addresses, photographs, and personal information about an individual should only be published with the permission of the individual involved.

3. Official web pages found on the College Website include a Home Page, Divisional Pages, Departmental Pages, and Information Pages. The three highest level pages should reflect a design consistency. This includes background, format, colors, minimal verbiage, and a table of contents. The first level is the ABAC-Bainbridge home page, the second level is the divisional pages linked from the Home page, and the third level is departmental pages linked from the divisional pages. Official web pages should closely parallel information found in college publications. Fourth level pages and beyond do not need to strictly adhere to all the consistency standards of the first three levels. However, all official web page should meet the following minimum style and appearance standards: Style Standards • Pages will contain a link to the Home Page, to the designed top-level web page, and a forward and backward line. • Pages will contain a title. • Pages that require scrolling will have a Table of Contents (or some navigational menu). • Pages will stay current. • Pages will maintain high editorial standards and be factually accurate. • Each divisional and departmental page will contain a general description of the unit and contain an E-mail contact address. Pages will be consistent with the educational mission of the college. • Pages will follow the BC Computer Use Policy.

4. ABAC-Bainbridge will not maintain individual student home pages. Student pages are allowable as classroom assignments under the supervision of the Instructor for that course.

5. A Web Policy Committee assigned by the President will meet annually to review web policies. This Web Policy was developed by the Web Policy Task Force in 1998. All Web activities must follow the policies of the University System of Georgia, Board of Regents.


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