Veteran/Military Education Services

Bainbridge State College is an approved educational training center for veterans and eligible dependents of veterans.

The Bainbridge State College Registrar’s Office provides educational assistance and enrollment certifications for veteran students. Veterans and other eligible persons must meet all applicable requirements for admission. Any questions regarding the eligibility of a veteran or dependent should be directed to the Department of Veteran Affairs at 1-888-GIBILL1.

Useful Links

ACE Transcript Requests

Atlanta Regional Office

Department of Veteran Affairs

VA Forms

VONAPP (Veterans Online Application)

BSC Request for VA Benefits Form

Getting Started

To apply for VA Benefits, please visit the following link and click on the Apply for Benefits link which will direct you to the Veterans Online Application System (VONAPP). For a paper application, please visit to download and complete a paper application.

Submit the following documents to the Certifying Official in order to begin your VA file for BSC:

  • DD Form 214 member 4 (Service Members)
  • Certificate of Eligibility letter (This is sent from the VA Regional Office after your application has been approved for educational benefits.)

Note: After you have registered and finalized your schedule each semester, please complete & submit the BSC Request for VA Benefits Form to the VA Certifying Official in the BSC Registrar’s Office. This form is required in order to submit your enrollment to the VA. Failure to submit this form may delay your benefits. The BSC Request for VA Benefits Form can be found in the Useful Links section of this web page or by clicking here, BSC Request for VA Benefits Form.

Certification of Benefits

The VA will not pay for any classes that do not count toward a student’s major. It is the student’s responsibility to register for the correct courses and report any changes before incurring an overpayment or an underpayment. VA regulations prohibit payment for repeated courses (“A” through “D” grades) or for courses that are not required for your approved degree/program.

After receipt of the BSC Request for VA Benefits Form (each semester of enrollment) and other required documentation, the BSC Registrar’s Office will certify the VA student’s enrollment. Veterans will only be certified for courses that are required for their approved degree/program. Please be timely when submitting your request and documentation.

Changes During Enrollment

All changes made after your initial application or certification is forwarded to the VA Regional Office and should be brought to the attention of the BSC Registrar’s Office so the change can be reported.

Change in major

If a student receiving VA benefits changes his or her major, the student must complete VA form 22-1995 (veteran) or 22-5495 (dependant) and submit it to the VA Certifying Official and the VA Regional Office.

Change in credit hours

A change in credit hours occurs when a student drops a class(es) or is dropped from a class(es) by his or her instructor, the BSC Registrar’s Office, or BSC Administration. Changes in credit hours for a semester could affect a VA student’s monthly payments and result in an overpayment which the student must repay. In order to avoid an overpayment of this type, VA students should submit the BSC Request for VA Benefits Form once his or her  schedule has been finalized.

Withdrawal from class(es)

VA benefits do not pay for the withdrawal of a course(s) unless mitigating circumstances are involved. If it is necessary for a VA student to withdraw from class(es), the student must contact the VA Certifying Official.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Veteran’s Affairs website?

What is VA’s toll free number?


How do I apply for VA benefits?

Go to the Veterans Online Application System (VONAPP) and complete the application online.

Can I change programs?

Yes, you must contact the VA Certifying Official for more information.

Can I get an Advance Payment?

Unfortunately, advance payment is not available at Bainbridge State College.

What do I need to do once I am approved for benefits?

Complete the BSC Request for VA Benefits Form.  Submit the Request for VA Benefits Form, a copy of the VA student’s DD214, and a copy of the VA student’s Certificate of Eligibility to the BSC Registrar’s Office.

What do I need to do if I drop or withdraw from classes?

Contact the VA Certifying Official immediately.









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