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There are a vast number of ways that you can use technology to aid you in the classroom – from classroom management to collaboration tools that help you engage your students. As technology advances, so too do the tools at your disposal.
This page serves to highlight some of the latest tools both in the form of web tools and smartphone apps.Have a suggestion for a tool not listed below? Let us know!

Attendance & Classroom Management


Classroom Management

  • TeacherKit – Apple & Windows 8 (free): Overall classroom management
  • iTeacherBook – Apple (Free): Schedule and attendance
  • SeatCharter – Apple ($2.99): Seating charts

Group Work


  • Prezi – All devices (free)
  • Haiku Deck – Apple & Web-based (free)
  • SlideIdea – iPad, Android & Web-based (free)
  • Emaze – Web-based (free)
  • Doceri – iPad & Windows 8 (free)

Polling & Classroom Participation

Screencasting & Audio/Video

  • Screencast-O-Matic – Web-based (Free, but limited time): A screen capture tool for creating videos. Limit of 10 minutes. Can be exported as a movie file.
  • Jing – Web-based (Free, but limited time): A screen capture tool, both for images and videos. Limit of 5 minutes. Creates a link to be shared.
  • ScreenCastle – Web-based (Free, limited): A screen capture tool for video. Creates a link to be shared. No login required.
  • SpeakPipe – Web-based (Free, limited to number of messages/recording time): Allows students to record a short audio message that you will receive by email.
  • Animoto – All devices (Free*): Create videos with animation and music from your existing videos and photos*Free – If you use your email account to sign-up, it is possible to get 6-month access which is renewable via
  • ScreenChomp – iPad (Free): An interactive whiteboard which allows PDF import, drawing and can be exported as a link to share or a video.
  • Explain Everything – iPad, Android & Windows ($2.99): An interactive whiteboard which allows you to import files, add animation, draw/annotate, and export as a video.
  • Knowmia – iPad (Free): Lesson creator app with ability to create short video lessons with a variety of tools.
  • Educreations – iPad (Free): Lesson creator app with ability to create short videos.
  • Zamzar. Convert video and audio files (and even many documents) from one format to another. Free online service.


View our Image Resources page for ways to create, edit or find images for use in your classes.

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