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Copyright Information on Textbooks

Intellectual honesty is the foundation of our academic lives. Original thought and proper credit for others’ work is central to learning and teaching. Like plagiarism, violation of copyright is a serious breach of the commitment to intellectual integrity that you made when you came to Bainbridge State College.

Please remember that you are responsible for what you do including complying with copyright law—whether using the Web to read or publish pages, using file-sharing programs or making hard paper copies on a copy machine.

You must respect copyright. Copyright protection covers any original work of authorship that is fixed in some tangible medium of expression. To be original does not mean that it has to have any literary merit. Even ordinary e-mail messages or postings are protected by copyright. Nor does the creator have to do anything for a work to be protected by copyright. A work is protected from the moment it is created, and it does not have to contain a copyright notice to qualify for protection.

What this broad coverage means is that just about any work you come across, including, in many instances, a TEXTBOOK, is likely to be protected by copyright. Copyright law prohibits anyone from copying, distributing, making derivative works, publicly displaying or publicly performing a copyrighted work unless the user has the express permission of the author or the user qualifies for a legal exception such as “Fair Use” under the law. For more information on copyright law see the sites listed below.

The College must take appropriate action under the terms of the 1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act if it receives notice of copyright infringement.  Bainbridge College has received notice from certain textbook publishers that students are copying all or portions of textbooks.  Actions may include invalidation of an e-mail account, disconnecting a network port, and/or a report to the Vice President for Student Affairs or designee for disciplinary action. In the case of repeat infringers, the College may take away the infringer’s computer account and terminate all access to our network.

In addition to any College action, the copyright owner may also take further legal action against the individual concerned.  General Information on copyright is available at:

  * Adapted from Copyright Information for Network Users, Columbia University, Administrative Policy Library,


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