Welcome to the Office of Instructional and Information Technology (OIIT)

ABAC at Bainbridge is committed to free/open inquiry and discussion, the advancement of learning, and the application of modern technology for personal and professional development. Students, faculty, staff and administration are encouraged to explore the capabilities of computing.

Computing resources at ABAC at Bainbridge are readily available in offices, laboratories, and the library. Because the nature of academic computing tends to involve a personal relationship between the user and the computer, it is easy to forget that the user does have responsibilities to others in an open environment and to those who are providing the services being used. Therefore, the following are the policies for computer use at ABAC at Bainbridge.

While these policies are intended to comply with legal and University System requirements and to provide guidance to users, the constantly changing technical conditions in computing may require that many decisions affecting computer use may have to be made by knowledgeable people at the time they are needed rather than prescribed in advance. If these policies do not provide the necessary answers to questions, the user is advised to seek out one of the people who have assignments supervising computer resources.

Finally, these policies apply to all users of computer equipment at ABAC at Bainbridge: faculty, staff, administration, students, and guests.

For technical support regarding any college-owned hardware or software system please contact us at support@bainbridge.edu or by phone at 229-243-6992.



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