Ticket to dreams is an education

Photo: Fasiska Lyles and Sam Williams

BLAKELY, Ga. – Willie Stringer said he wants to travel, but he realized his ticket to those dreams is an education. “Looking around at the things I don’t have and the things I want, I realized I have to get an education,” the Blakely resident said. Stringer has been out of high school for about seven years. He was within a couple of weeks of getting his diploma before he got into trouble and was kicked out of high school. Now, Stringer is studying for…

GED student: ‘Now is my time’

Photo: Lizzie Cooper

For years, 51-year-old Lizzie Cooper has been staying at home, doing what she could to help her family and take care of children and grandchildren. But on Tuesday, July 9, the Bainbridge resident was among 40 who attended two GED orientation sessions at Bainbridge State College’s Adult Education Center. “Now is my time,” Cooper said. “I got a lot of time on my hands, and I can’t get anywhere without a GED or high school diploma.” After years of staying at home, Cooper said she…

Challenges may not just be the test

Part 2 of a series A challenge for GED students is determining if they can pass all the sections by Jan. 1. If students cannot pass all five sections of the old GED test by the beginning of the new year, they will essentially have to start over with the new test. The current version of the GED test is expiring at the end of 2013 and students’ scores will expire too if they do not finish and pass the test. On Tuesday, July 9,…

New GED test set to change, a lot

Part 1 of a series Come January 2014, the GED will be different – a lot different. It will be more rigorous. It will involve more computer skills. In addition, it will require more critical thinking skills, according to Debbie McIntyre, coordinator for the GED program at Bainbridge State College. “The new test will be more rigorous, as high school is now,” McIntyre said. “The new GED test is going to be more challenging, but the end result is that GED graduates will have stronger…

Adults can start a new chapter in life with a free GED® Practice Test

Available statewide during week of September 10-14, 2012 (Bainbridge, Ga.) –  More than one million adults in Georgia don’t have a high school diploma. And without a high school credential, they’re less likely to get a good-paying job, discover a great career and enjoy a much better life. There’s no better time than now to take the one easy step that can change their lives forever. And it can start with a free GED® practice test. During the week of September 10 through 14, Georgia’s…

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