BSC Continuing Education – think of it as continued enrichment

Photo of Marty Davis talking with insurance agent.

Whether it is photography, career development, driver’s education or professional services, think of it as continuing enrichment instead of continuing education. Bainbridge State College’s Continuing Education Department has an array of courses that meet your personal or professional goals. “We have some of those ‘fun’ classes such as cake decorating, classes for professional and career development, and classes for professionals who need continuing education units such as attorneys, plumbers, electricians, contractors, and real estate and insurance professionals,” said Marty Davis, coordinator for the College’s Continuing…

Driver’s ed course can be taken on a smartphone

Bainbridge State College is offering what Georgia’s teenagers could say is a match made in heaven – the ability to use any internet-based device—even a smartphone–to complete a required driver’s education course. Under Georgia’s “Joshua’s Law,” teenagers wanting to get a driver’s license must take 30 hours of driver education. But unlike traditional programs, part of a program at Bainbridge State’s Continuing Education Center allows teenagers to participate on any web-based device, even a smartphone, said Marty Davis, the college’s continuing education coordinator. “There are…

Challenges may not just be the test

Part 2 of a series A challenge for GED students is determining if they can pass all the sections by Jan. 1. If students cannot pass all five sections of the old GED test by the beginning of the new year, they will essentially have to start over with the new test. The current version of the GED test is expiring at the end of 2013 and students’ scores will expire too if they do not finish and pass the test. On Tuesday, July 9,…

New GED test set to change, a lot

Part 1 of a series Come January 2014, the GED will be different – a lot different. It will be more rigorous. It will involve more computer skills. In addition, it will require more critical thinking skills, according to Debbie McIntyre, coordinator for the GED program at Bainbridge State College. “The new test will be more rigorous, as high school is now,” McIntyre said. “The new GED test is going to be more challenging, but the end result is that GED graduates will have stronger…

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