What will BSC look like in the future? Good question

If planning for the future is difficult, try planning five years out in an ever-changing technological environment, particularly for an audience tagged the iPad Generation. Potential changes in how current and future generations will obtain higher education are at the crux of the quandary today’s higher education administrators are facing. For example, there are the massively open online courses (MOOCs). To help drive the point home, members of today’s iPad Generation can take a driving education course … on their smartphones. So just as administrators…

Charter faculty: ‘It was just fun’

If there were one word the four Bainbridge State College charter faculty members could use to sum up their experience at the fledging college, it would be fun. Drs. Ray Chambers, Bob Dubay, Bob Lane and Jim Young all said it was fun to embark on the adventure of starting a new college. It was fun because there was a family environment with a collegial feel with fellow faculty members. And there were friendships and admiration for all the College staff, in particular the buildings…

The College — money well spent

Photo of Daryl Hall

The economics of Bainbridge State College is as grand as the $81 million economic impact the College contributes to the Southwest Georgia region, and as individual as each student. For example, Daryl Hall said his personal economics of Bainbridge State College is that he received a good education during his first two years of college and saved a bundle in the process. “When I left Bainbridge State, I had zero student loans because I continued to live at home and HOPE scholarships paid for my…

Walk with the BSC presidents

Dr. Richard Carvajal Reasons the four Bainbridge State College presidents decided to take the helm are varied, but what each found was a unique bond between the college and its community and some surprises thrown in –- surprises that perhaps will define their legacies. Dr. Edward Mobley, of course, was its founding president, leading the college through 25 years of growth and helping bring the community with it. Dr. Clifford Brock is credited with a growth spurt. Dr. Tom Wilkerson may be best remembered as…

The first graduates, so who was first?

The first graduation ceremony at Bainbridge Junior College was held in June 1974. Seated are the first graduates Melvin “Tuffy” Nussbaum III of Bainbridge, on the left, and Terry F. Prince of Cairo, on the right. In the middle is Bainbridge Junior College President Edward Mobley. Standing, from the left, are Mrs. and Mr. Melvin Nussbaum; David Hay, director of student development services; Dr. Robert Dubay, academic dean; Linda Prince, Terry’s sister; and Mrs. and Mr. Marion Prince. As Melvin “Tuffy” Nussbaum III of Bainbridge…

How do you start a college? Ask Ed Mobley

Photo: Dr. Ed Mobley

How do you build a college? How do you overcome a hard-fought bond issue to raise the $2 million to build the college? How do you overcome a town still whirling from a World War II training base that closed years earlier, and struggling to recover economically? And, how do you overcome a nation moving away from segregation and an area trying to steer clear of the hippy movement? Ask founding President Ed Mobley. As Dr. Mobley likes to tell people when he stepped foot…

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