BSC Student Identification (ID) Card

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Bainbridge College students are required to have their student I.D.s in their possession while on campus. The issue that forced the implementation of this rule was campus security. By complying with this rule, you will help your school administrators and officials provide a safe and comfortable environment on campus. Please show your I.D. when asked by a school official. If for some reason you do not have your student I.D. in your possession, you may be asked to leave campus. Please support us in this important effort.

Each new Bainbridge College student, at the time of registration, will be asked to have an I.D. made free of charge. The Student Affairs’ staff will be making these I.D.s in the Student Center during the first three weeks of the semester. Only one I.D. will be issued to each student during their stay at the College. During this same period, returning students will be asked to bring their I.D.s to the Student Center to have them validated. This process, which only takes a few minutes, will allow our staff to place a sticker on the I.D. showing that they are enrolled for the current semester.

The dates and times that I.D.s will be taken and/or validated will be posted in the Student Center.

There will be a $10 replacement fee charged to replace any lost, stolen, or destroyed student I.D. Additionally, there will be a $5 late fee charged to validate a student I.D. after the third week of the semester.

Students are required to present a copy of their class schedule prior to having an I.D. made. No exceptions!

Bainbridge College Student I.D. Schedule

– 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Daily

Students are required to present a copy of their class schedule prior to having an I.D. made. No exceptions!

Student I.D. Benefits

  1. Your valid student I.D. card will serve as your library card. Please take your I.D. to the library and have a bar code placed on the back of your I.D. card.
  2. Serves as an admission ticket to all student activity shows and events.
  3. You must present your student I.D. when picking up your financial aid refund check in the Business Office.
  4. Cash a personal check on campus ($15 limit) using your student I.D. This service is provided through our Business Office and Bookstore.

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