If you have discussed your complaint or appeals with the appropriate Dean/department head but have not resolved the issue to your satisfaction, you can file a complaint or appeal to senior administrators by completing the form below. The appropriate administrator responsible for handling your complaint or appeal with respond to your issue.

Senior Administrators
Mr. Scott Dunn, Chief Information Officer
Mr. Spencer Stewart, Associate Dean of Student Affairs

Online students will have the opportunity to participate in further discussions via email, phone, conference calls, or web conferencing as needed.


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If applicable, in which semester/year did this situation occur?

If your complaint or appeal is related to a particular class, which
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If your complaint or appeal is related to a particular class or instructor, have you communicated with the instructor about the issue?
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I have communicated with the following people about my complaint/appeal but have not reached a satisfactory conclusion:

Please describe your complaint in detail. Provide a description of the original issue, steps taken to resolve the matter, and the current standing of the situation.


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