Viewing SCORM Results

Some activities provided by publishers or created by faculty or CTE staff with certain software creates “SCORM” packages that will report the results of student outcomes into GeorgiaVIEW. For instance, the activity may be a quiz-like activity, and the results can be provided in GeorgiaVIEW. Viewing SCORM results takes a couple of extra clicks to view. Here’s how.

In the course, go to Content > Table of Contents and click Related Tools

Choose related tools from the table of contents area

 Choose View Reports

Choose view reports

Under the Reports, choose SCORM Reports

Choose SCORM reports

Click on the first icon under Actions called Summary for Learning Strategies

Choose summary for learning strategies

View Results

In this area you will see detailed information about each student and most importantly, their status in the module which will indicate if they have completed the module or not and a score if the activity provides one.

Choose summary for learning strategies


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