Sexual Harassment

Federal law provides that it shall be an unlawful discriminatory practice for any employer, because of the sex of any person, to discharge without cause, to refuse to hire, or otherwise discriminate against any person with respect to any matter directly or indirectly related to employment or academic standing. Harassment of an employee on the basis of sex violates this federal law.

Sexual harassment of employees or students in the University System is prohibited and shall subject the offender to dismissal or other sanctions after compliance with procedural due process requirements. Unwelcome sexual advancements, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature constitutes sexual harassment when:

  • Submission to such conduct is made explicitly or implicitly a term or condition of an individual’s employment or academic standing; or
  • Submission to or rejection of such conduct by an individual is used as a basis for employment or academic decisions affecting an individual; or
  • Such conduct unreasonably interferes with an individual’s work or academic performance or creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive working or academic environment

Sexual Harassment Training


This on-line training program is designed to educate USG employees on the importance and benefits of properly recognizing and safely working with hazardous materials. Ultimately, our aim is to continue heightening employee safety awareness at all USG institutions, as well as complying with the “Public Employee Hazardous Chemical Protection and Right to Know Act of 1988”.

Right-to-Know Training


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