A summary of the QEP

The QEP’s purpose is to improve online learning through enhancing the quality of online course design, engaging sufficient student and faculty readiness for online learning in those courses, and  evolving our online courses to increase their effectiveness, to improve online student learning, and to expand our offerings of quality online courses.

What we will do
The design of effective and high-quality courses delivered online is substantively different from the design of courses delivered in on-campus, traditional, face-to-face mode. QEP initiatives will be undertaken over the next five years to enhance current and new online courses by ensuring that they meet recognized standards of quality online course design.

Quality course designs are not enough to facilitate improved online learning unless instructor and student readiness to engage in online teaching and learning is also maximized. The ways in which students and instructors engage in quality online courses are substantially different from traditional patterns of engagement in face-to-face, on-campus courses. QEP initiatives will be undertaken over the next five years to ensure such readiness for effective online engagement for both students and faculty.

The QEP’s model affirms that as the quality of online course design is enhanced along with students’ and instructors’ readiness to engage in online teaching and learning, online courses at Bainbridge College are expected to evolve over the next five years to reflect improved student success in online courses, higher enrollments of satisfied students, improved student retention, and expanded online course offerings.



Improve the quality of all of BC’s current and future online courses.
Faculty complete course in online course design.
Individual faculty design or redesign all online courses according to BC Quality Online Course Rubric with support of Course Design Groups.
Course Design Groups certify all online courses.
Improve the readiness of instructors and students to successfully engage in high quality online teaching and learning.
Students complete required tutorial and/or readiness assessment.
Bainbridge College continuously improves student resources.
Faculty complete course in online course pedagogy.
Continuous improvement and evaluation of process to improve student learning in online courses
Bainbridge College increases the number of quality online courses.
Bainbridge College improves successful completion rates for online courses, increases retention, and improves student satisfaction by applying activities for Goals 1 and 2.


Learn more about faculty involvement in the QEP and steps for implementing the plan.



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