Course Design Groups

Course Design Groups, or CDG’s, are formed during the Online Course Design Course. These groups of four faculty members will meet regularly to support each other through the process of designing or redesigning courses. CDG’s can meet on campus, in each other’s homes, virtually, or whatever way best serves their needs and preferences. CDG’s will endure for at least one year at which time the group can dissolve or continue based on the groups wishes and the needs of the project. If the group dissolves, faculty must join another CDG.

Faculty participation in the CDG is vital to the success of the QEP. The opportunity to brainstorm ideas, discuss challenges, and generally have a collegial group in which to receive support in the process is important as faculty work on courses.

Another function of the CDG is to evaluate other courses’ fit with the BC Quality Online Course Rubric. As courses are submitted by individual faculty members to the CTE for review, the courses are assigned to a CDG. The group reviews the course and compares its construction with the Rubric and concludes that it either meets the standards or it does not. This important process ensures that all online courses meet the minimum standards of quality online course design.


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