Welcome to the world of Plant Operations at ABAC at Bainbridge. We, the staff in the physical plant, take great pride in what we do at ABAC at Bainbridge. Our people are dedicated to ABAC at Bainbridge and we want it to show by our actions. The department is committed to providing services to the College that will support academics by maintaining all buildings and grounds so they are not only pleasing to the eye but also functional and efficient. Controlling costs while providing these services is foremost important. This, in a nutshell, summarizes our mission.  The group has many responsibilities which include but are not limited to:

Plant Operations Responsibilities

  • Building, equipment, and systems maintenance
  • Grounds care and maintenance
  • Custodial services
  • Environmental and safety coordination
  • Facilities/events scheduling
  • Fleet/vehicle management
  • Mail services
  • Shipping and receiving
  • Lock and key management
  • Building project oversight/management
  • Major Repairs and Renovations (MRR) management
  • Utilities use optimization
  • Sustainability initiatives
  • Miscellaneous (furniture moving, decorations)

Should you ever need to contact our Plant Operations Department please use the list below.


Departmental Contacts


Tina Worthington  – General assistance and routing; automotive fleet

Administrative Assistant 


Office phone: 229-243-6868


Kevin Morris-  Routine building, equipment, or systems maintenance

Technical Maintenance Supervisor


Office phone: 229-243-6872


David Brown- Grounds issues

Grounds Supervisor


Office phone: 229-243-6877


Roger Johnson-  In/out mail, receiving, shipping (Blakely transit incl.)

Mail, Shipping & Receiving

Office phone: 229-243-6869


Melinda Jones-  Facility/event scheduling

Director of Auxiliary Services


Office phone: 229-243-6980



Building, Equipment and Systems Maintenance

The technical services group maintains all structures, plumbing systems, electrical systems, HVAC systems, both manual and automatic lock systems, and other devices and systems. It also does some new construction, remodeling, and refurbishment as time permits, thereby stretching available dollars to the maximum. Each individual is a skilled tradesman who shows pride in quality, timeliness, and efficiency in the end product.


Grounds Care and Maintenance

Almost always the first impression of the campus, and often the most lasting, is the appearance of the grounds to visitors. The grounds crew acknowledges and understands this prominence and works diligently to keep it fresh and appealing to all – students, faculty, staff, visitors, and even passers-by. We believe that beauty and orderliness are characteristics that can and do inspire us who study, work and play here to improve ourselves.


Custodial Services

Like the grounds crew does outside the custodial services crew recognizes the importance of freshness and cleanliness inside the buildings. It is our desire and intent to keep them clean, safe and stocked with necessities so they are fully functional as well as appealing to all senses. Fresh and clean buildings provide an atmosphere more conducive to both teaching and learning activities.


Project Oversight/Management

 Plant Operations is responsible for overseeing and/or managing all construction and installation projects on the campuses, whether funded locally or from capital projects or from Major Repairs and Renovations (MRR) projects. As an entity of the Board of Regents ABAC-Bainbridge follows guidelines prescribed by the Board very rigidly in the procurement of all goods and services. Once materials and services are obtained or contracted they are carefully managed to ensure maximum benefit to the College and to the students and taxpayers who underwrote them.


Utility Optimization

The department constantly monitors utility usage with intent to save dollars and conserve resources wherever possible. Current power metering equipment makes it possible to monitor each building independently, enabling much more effective analysis of high usage areas and, therefore, opportunities for reduction. No device or product that uses electricity is beyond evaluation. Conversion to energy-efficient lighting such as LED and compact fluorescent, using more efficient motors, and similar efforts have already shown kilowatt-hour consumption to be trending significantly downward.

Water, though not as expensive as electricity, is monitored for excess. Efficient flush toilets are being used when possible to replace old style units and new standards are being specified in all new construction. Wells on campus are employed for irrigation purposes only. While they don’t conserve water above the use of city water they do provide it less expensively, offering another example of cost saving.



An internet site accurately sums up the definition of sustainability: An ability or capacity of something to be maintained or to sustain itself. It’s about taking what we need to live now, without jeopardizing the potential for people in the future to meet their needs.

ABAC at Bainbridge is acutely aware of the need for sustainability and its role in all that we do from both ecological and economic standpoints. Note that we are doing the things already mentioned in the section on utility optimization. We also utilize principles which support sustainability in all new buildings and renovations, these principles being incorporated into the design criteria and carried out during construction. One simple example is that trees having to be removed for construction of the Nursing Simulation Lab and Classroom Building are being utilized as lumber where possible on campus and, furthermore, new trees are being planted for each tree taken out.

In some circles sustainability is a buzzword but at ABAC at Bainbridge it is a way of life.



The Plant group is also responsible for many other services including fleet/vehicle management, mail service, shipping and receiving, lock and key management, and moving furniture.

In short, Plant Operations provides a wide range of services touching every area of the campus, engaging a diverse workforce of capable, dedicated employees, many of them long-term.



We make every effort to present our web pages in a format that is easy to understand and use but we are always open to suggestions for improvement, which can be offered by e-mail through tina.worthington@bainbridge.edu.


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