While we strive to accommodate all photography requests; however, there are times when a photographer is not available.  In these cases, we strongly encourage a staff/faculty member of Bainbridge State College to submit photography following these tips:

  • Digital Images: All images intended for printed materials need to be submitted with a resolution of no less than 300 dpi.  The submission of these images at higher resolutions allows for minimal restrictions when designing printed pieces.  All images intended for Web purposes should be submitted at resolutions of no less than 72 dpi.
  • Photographic Context: Photography is an important part of telling the story of BSC events and activities. Photos used in printed pieces, on the BSC website or on promotional materials should, when possible, relate directly to the content. When shooting photography, consider connecting the viewer/reader to BSC in some visual way, such as including a recognizable campus landmark or including subjects wearing well-branded campus apparel.
  • Photography Formats: Please provide the photographer with the following guidelines: All photos should be at least 300 dpi, whether for print or Web. For some projects, designers require both RAW and RGB jpg versions of images at the largest format that the camera is equipped to produce. For inclusion in the BSC Media Gallery, the preferred image size is at least 1000 pixels in width @ 72 dpi.  Keep in mind that in general, BSC’s website and social media pages are designed for horizontal photos.
  • Permissions: Students grant BSC the right to use their images, quotes and comments for use in advertising, fundraising and other marketing purposes upon becoming a student of the college.  Signed permission releases should be obtained from the College Relations Department. Particular care should be taken in obtaining releases from minors.

Photography protocols
When photographing students, take care to show a diverse student body but do not overcompensate. Gender balance should be considered. Be mindful of your target audience and how model selection should reflect your project.

Think about wardrobe. Some marketing projects benefit by using photos of students in BSC-branded merchandise. Be aware of inappropriate clothing or logos on clothing. Prepare for your photo shoot by bringing props, extra BSC gear, etc.

Whenever possible, photos should be taken in both vertical and horizontal orientations. Avoid static photos (“grip and grins”); rather, photographs should be storytelling in nature, and capture action and interaction. The idea of this documentary style of photography is to capture images that allow the audience to sneak a peek at a moment in time, allowing them to be a participant, rather than just an observer. Another point to consider when shooting photography is to include shots with a wider field of view to allow for a variety of crop ratios, vertical or horizontal.


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