Your pay statement includes a number of sub-headings that will show the payroll deductions being withheld from your paycheck, as well as the benefits being paid by Bainbridge State College.

Before Tax Deductions

Items that are listed below the ‘Before Tax Deductions’ heading are deductions that lower your taxable wages.  They are calculated prior to specific tax calculations.

Some pre-tax deductions affect federal and state income tax, Medicare, and Social Security taxes.  Examples of these types of deductions are dental, vision, and medical insurance, FSA and HSA deductions.   Other pre-tax deductions affect only federal and state income tax and are not exempt from Medicare and Social Security.  These deductions are primarily the retirement deductions such as TRS and ORP.

After Tax Deductions

Items that are listed below the ‘After Tax Deductions’ heading are deductions that do not affect taxable wages in any way.  They are calculated and deducted after your taxes are calculated and deducted. Examples of after-tax deductions are the Georgia Defined Contribution Plan (GDCP), Dependent Life, Garnishments, and supplemental insurance premiums such as long-term disability, supplemental life, and long-term disability insurance.

Other Benefits and Information

Benefits provided by Bainbridge State College appear under the ‘Other Benefits and Information’ heading.  These benefits include the employer portion of retirement plans such as TRS and ORP, basic life premiums, long-term disability, and the employer share of medical premiums paid by BSC.

Direct Deposit

As an employee of Bainbridge State College, you are required to set up and maintain an accurate direct deposit account to receive payroll payments.

You may receive your first paycheck as a physical check, but then your pay may be held until you complete the direct deposit set up.  You can view the direct deposit policy here.

You can change or update your bank information at any time.  Please be aware that changes that happen during payroll processing may not take effect until the next scheduled payroll.  All paystubs are electronic; no paper paystubs are issued with direct deposit transactions. You can view and print your electronic direct deposit advice’s in the ADP Self Service Portal under “Pay and Taxes” and “Pay Statements.”       **Add or Update Direct Deposit


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