Tuition and Fee Chart

To view your charges per semester please view the tuition and fee payment chart posted by the Business Office.

Receiving Funds

Once you are awarded aid, we’ll send you notification via email. However, your award information is instantly available online in your Banner Account.

If you’re awarded prior to payment deadlines, tuition and fees may be charged directly to Grants, Direct Loans and some scholarships, up to your eligibility.

If you still have a balance after tuition and fees have been deducted, you can charge your books and supplies in the bookstore on campus. There is a 24-hour delay before those funds will be available in the bookstore account.

To choose your refund option, visit and select the following choices: 1) Refund balance placed into your BSC ID/Debit Card account. You may use your debit card to withdraw funds at an ATM machine on campus or at compatible off-campus ATM’s ($500 per day limit). Or you may use your BSC ID/Debit Card at merchants that accept Discover Card.


2) You may authorize your account on your Banner Web to receive a paper check.

Checking Your Award Letter in Banner

To view your Award Letter from the Student and Financial Aid menu select:

o   Financial Aid Information

o   My Award Information

o   Award by Aid Year

o   Select the current financial aid year

o   Click the (grey) tab marked ‘Award Overview’

Enrollment Status

Your enrollment status is determined by the number of semester hours you’re taking:

Full-time 12 or more hours
Three-quarter time 9-11 hours
Half-time 6-8 hours
Less than half-time 1-5 hours

Pell Grants are based on full-time enrollment and are reduced if you’re taking fewer hours.If you enrolled in less than 12 hours either during the Fall and Spring terms, you may have Pell eligibility for the summer term.

Direct Loans require you to be enrolled and attending six credit hours or more. If you are registered for parts of term, your loan will not disburse until you reach six credit hours. If you received the maximum loans during the Fall and Spring terms, additional loans are not available unless you advanced a grade level.

Withdrawing From Class

Dropping individual classes may result in suspension of your financial aid (see our SAP Policy) if it affects your completion ratio. Students who never attend class(es) or stop attending will be considered unofficially withdrawn. You may be required to pay back all or a portion of your aid if you withdraw, officially or unofficially, from all your classes. If you receive financial aid for classes later dropped or cancelled, you may owe money back to financial aid programs. Repayment may be required with funds other than financial aid. If this occurs and the bill remains unpaid for more than 120 days, a third-party collection agency will be used to collect any amount not paid and the debtor will also become liable for any collection costs.

NOTE: Check with Bainbridge State College Office of Student  Financial Aid before dropping classes to determine how the drop or withdrawal may affect your financial aid. The complete financial aid withdrawal policy is available in the Bainbridge State College Office of Student Financial Aid and in the Bainbridge State College catalog.

Return to Title IV Policy

Students receiving assistance from Title IV programs (Federal Pell Grant, Stafford Loan or FSEOG) will be awarded aid depending upon the amount of aid earned.  If the student completed more than 60% of the term, he or she will have earned 100% of the aid for that period.  If the student completed 60% or less of the term, the percentage of the period completed is equal to the percentage of aid earned.

The percentage completed will be calculated by counting the number of days completed up to the point of withdrawal divided by the total number of days in the term.  This percentage will be applied to Title IV funds for which the student established eligibility prior to the withdrawal date. The withdrawal date is determined by either an official or an unofficial withdrawal. An official withdrawal is determined when a student submits a withdrawal form/s to the Register’s Office and requests to be withdrawn completely from all registered classes. The calculation will be based on the student’s last day of attendance. An unofficial withdrawal is determined at the end of the semester when instructors submit attendance dates to the Registrar’s Office. This identifies students who stopped attending class before the end of the term. The calculation will be based on the student’s reported last date of attendance. If the last date attended is after the 60% mark of the semester, no calculation will be required as all aid would have been earned.

Once the Registrar updates Banner for students who have withdrawn from school, a report is forwarded to the Financial Aid Office so they can calculate Return to Title IV amounts. Once the institution’s portion of return of funds has been calculated, the financial aid director will reduce the student’s award and return funds to the applicable program within 45 days. In the event the R2T4 calculation process creates a balance on the student’s account, written notification of this balance will be sent to the student. Payment must be submitted to Bainbridge State College within 45 days from the date notification. If the student’s obligation remains unpaid after 45 days, student will not be allowed to register or receive a transcript until the debt is paid in full.

Unearned financial aid will be returned to credit the following Title IV programs in this order:

  1. Unsubsidized Stafford Loan
  2. Subsidized Stafford Loan
  3. Federal Pell Grant
  4. Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant

In the event the aid disbursed to the student is less than the amount earned, the student may be eligible to receive a post-withdrawal disbursement of the earned aid not received. A formal request must be submitted to the Financial Aid Office by the student in order for a post-withdrawal disbursement to be considered and/or released.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Warning If for any reason you haven’t met the GPA or pass rate standards, you will be placed on financial aid warning. Think of it as a heads-up, a way of letting you know what you need to do. Even under warning status, you can continue to receive your financial aid.

Suspension If you’re not in compliance by the end of your warning term or we receive transfer work while you are on a warning status, you will be placed on suspension and are no longer eligible to receive financial aid. But that doesn’t have to be the end of the story, there are still options for you to regain eligibility.

Maximum Time Frame If you have attempted more than 134 (for AAS) or 96 (for AA) attempted credit hours, you are no longer eligible to receive aid. There are still options for you to regain eligibility through the appeal process.

Probation If you failed to make satisfactory academic progress and you have appealed to have your financial aid reinstated, you are placed on Probation for one term. You are required to meet the conditions stated on your appeal approval contract without exception. If you do not meet the conditions of the financial aid appeal, you will be placed on financial aid suspension.

Academic Plan If you completed and met the conditions of the appeal during the probation term, but you still aren’t making satisfactory academic progress, you will be placed on Academic Plan. While on Academic Plan, you must continue to meet the conditions of your appeal within a specific point in time as stated on your appeal packet.

Regaining eligibility Appeals are considered for extenuating circumstances such as injury, illness, a death in the immediate family, or undue hardship. If this applies to you, you have the option to submit a written appeal to the Financial Aid Office. The deadline for submitting your appeal is the second day of the semester for which you want to receive aid. Make sure to provide any supporting documentation regarding your special circumstances. If your written appeal is denied, you have the option to add additional documentation and submit your appeal to the second appeals committee. Please note the additional documentation must be new documentation.



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