The first formal contact many people have with Bainbridge State College is through printed and online materials.  As such, it is important that these materials project a clear, consistent and readily identifiable image that conveys the value, importance and distinctiveness of Bainbridge State College.  By sustaining a strong brand image for the College, we promote awareness, understanding and support among our students, faculty, alumni, donors and other communities.

The College Relations Department has been entrusted to manage and provide support for all college entities that use the Bainbridge State College logo whether in print or on the Web.  The college’s graphic identity refers to the symbols, logos, words and official colors that represent the college.  Individuals on and off campus who use these images and words to represent the college are expected to follow the Visual Identity Guidelines, which serves as the foundation for concise communication of the college’s identity and brand.

Please review these guidelines carefully before creating any materials using the Bainbridge State College identity.  Repeated and consistent use of the logo is critical to establishing and maintaining BSC’s identity with our many constituents, therefore these guidelines should be supplied to any vendors or external resources to ensure the Bainbridge State College identity is used properly.

The College Relations Department is the campus resources for ensuring graphic design awareness, consistency and excellence.  For convenience, both the Visual Identity Guidelines and the college’s logos are downloadable.  Copies of Bainbridge State College’s official seal may be obtained by contacting the College Relations Department with a description of the proposed use.




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