Interim GeorgiaVIEW Administrator


photo of David LloydDavid Lloyd serves as the Interim GeorgiaVIEW Administrator. As the primary administrator for the University of West Georgia, he is familiar with all facets of GeorgiaVIEW and is available to field faculty questions and requests related to GeorgiaVIEW.

David can be reached via the contact information below. Be sure to provide as many specifics as possible when requesting assistance. Giving your CRN, course name and request will ensure the quickest response.

Students needing help with GeorgiaVIEW should be directed to the support contacts found on GeorgiaVIEW Help.


Phone: 912-421-9821

About David

David Lloyd joined the University of West Georgia in May of 2011 as the Director of Online Faculty Development. His duties include faculty training, program planning, course development and assessment. His educational background is in Information Technology as well as Instructional Design. David worked at Utah Valley University for four years before chasing the sun to Georgia. After his move to the South, he spent 6 years working with the Board of Regents as a faculty trainer for the state’s Online Course Management system. He also worked full time for Georgia Southern University before finally finding his real home in Carrollton.


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