The purpose of institutional planning is to support the Bainbridge State College mission. Plans are collaborative endeavors reviewed, discussed across the campus and the community, and revised based on information gathered during discussions. Planning establishes mission driven goals with timelines and measurable outcomes. The institution tracks annual progress toward achievement of these goals. Bainbridge State College planning activities include long-term master planning as well as shorter term strategic planning.

The Bainbridge State College master plan is updated every 10-15 years. The master plan is consistent with the University System of Georgia strategic plan and provides a foundation for the shorter term Bainbridge State College strategic plans. BSC strategic plans are updated every five years as a minimum and more frequently if deemed necessary by college leadership.

Bainbridge State College Mission

Bainbridge State College Master Plan

Bainbridge State College Strategic Plan, 2012-2014

Bainbridge State College Strategic Plan 2020


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