Importing Quizzes into a GeorgiaVIEW Quiz

See Importing Quizzes for an introduction to the Quiz Question Importer Tool. To import questions directly into a quiz instead of into a question library, follow these steps:

Importing into a GeorgiaVIEW quiz

To import the CSV file, follow these steps:

Go to Quizzes within a course by clicking on the Assignments dropdown in the course navigation

Create a new quiz (or open an existing quiz) to add your questions. Go to the Layout/Questions tab.

Question library

Click Add/Edit Questions and on the next page click the Import button

Import button

Under Import Source choose From a Desire2Learn Text Format File.

Choose Desire2Learn text format

Click Choose File and navigate to the location where your file is saved. Click on the file & click open.

Choose your file

Click the Save button.



2After a few moments, the CSV file data will be added to the quiz. You can now edit and view the questions as you would with any other quiz question in GeorgiaVIEW.



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