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A picture is worth a thousand words and using images in presentations or in your online content can help illustrate ideas, add emotional connections and provide an element of variety from textual information. Finding the right image can be difficult, however. The resources below can help you find, edit or create images for use in the classroom.

Finding Graphics

When using graphics and images, you need to select your choices just like you would select a reading for your class, making sure that you protect the copyright of the original owner.

The easiest way to be compliant is to use images and graphics that are in the public domain or Creative Commons. The resources below provide ways to find high quality images while respecting the image owners.

a photo of a cameraThe CTE can help find images as needed, just contact us with what you need.

Of course, an even easier way around copyright issues and searching for images is to create your own. Even Smart Phones can create decent images for use in courses. The CTE can also help create images when needed.


Public Domain (free for use without attribution)

Creative Commons (requires attribution, but license varies)

Approaching Omaha.jpg
Approaching Omaha” via Wikimedia Commons.

Many of these sites have embedding options that will include attribution, such as the image above (“Approaching Omaha”) with a link to the original source. Attribution should include a link to the original source for any images you use, particularly Creative Common images that require attribution for use.

Learn more about Creative Commons licenses

Creating Images

a poster designed using CanvaCan’t find the image you need? Creating your own images is not as difficult as you think and the tools below can help you create beautiful images with little expertise. The CTE can also help create images for your use, just let us know what you need.

General Design

Canva – Allows you to create a variety of image styles. Many images and font selections are premium and require payment, but look for the selections labeled free.


Infographics is a fancy term for visually representing ideas. See this example. You can create infographics with Word, but you can use other graphic-creation tools like PowerPoint as well.

See 5 Infographics to Teach You How to Easily Create Infographics in PowerPoint

Or check out these online tools for creating infographics:

Editing Images

Quick edits

Advanced editing

Social Image Resizing Tool – Resize images to match with social media sizes (Facebook, Google, etc.)


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