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The user progress tool, while a general indicator of student activity in an online course, should not be used for making definitive judgments about student progress in a course and there are limitations to what it can track in your courses. It is our recommendation that the tool be utilized to help you, as the instructor, make informed interventions for students who are not engaged in the course, but not as a grading (i.e. participation grade) or disciplinary measure because some indicators can be misleading. For example, time spent in content does not necessarily reflect real time viewing/reading that content, but rather, just the amount of time a student leaves the browser open on that page. So use User Progress to identify students who might need intervention but not as the definitive measure of student work in a course.

Accessing User Progress Tool


Interpreting User Progress


User progress can measure whether a content item has been visited and also had a display with time spent on the content item. GeorgiaVIEW has stated that the time spent indicator is not accurate and this time should not be taken as a definite indication of the exact time spent on a content item.

screenshot of user progress in content

In terms of visited items, the tool can tell you that a student has clicked on an item, but that does not necessarily mean they have read the content within. Likewise, time spent is not active time on the item and the time does not necessarily reflect an accurate picture of student engagement with the content.

The best means of assessing if content has been read or reviewed is to provide additional learning activities (self-assessments, low-stake quizzes) to assess if students are engaging with the content. This will give a more accurate picture of student engagement with content and also help students to receive timely feedback on their own understanding of concepts presented in your content.

Assignment Tools

User progress can provide details on Discussions, Dropboxes and Quizzes. Nearly all the information about these tools can also be found in the tools themselves and is accurate within the tools.

screenshot of user progress in discussions, dropboxes and quizzes

Login History

The login history in the user progress tool shows both the last access to a course and the last access to the system (GeorgiaVIEW). Detailed information is about the system access, not specific course access. Only the last access date and time for a course is displayed.

screenshot of user progress login information

Login information is also available in the Classlist and provides the last access date for the specific course.

screenshot of last access information in classlist

Do I need the User Progress Tool?

Some of you may ask, since I can get all of the information in other areas of GeorgiaVIEW, should I even use the tool?

The user progress tool does work as a quick way to get a general overview of a student’s engagement in the course. If you are in the fourth week of a semester and a student has little progress in any area, then this there is a strong indication that their engagement is lacking and that contact through appropriate means needs to be made.

Again, the tool should not be used to make hard determinations about student engagement, but it is a strong indicator.

Accessing User Progress Tool

To access User Progress, click on View User Progress under Course Administration on the course homepage.

screenshot of view user progress link in course administration

You can also access individual student progress by clicking on a student name from that page or by going to the Classlist and clicking on View progress from the dropdown by the student’s name.

screenshot of view progress link in the classlist


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