Unenrolling Students

Our data process does unenroll students from GeorgiaVIEW courses in most cases, but because the process only runs once a day during drop/add and not continuously all semester, there may be times when you need to unenroll a student yourself. During the first week of the semester, during drop/add, you should regularly check your Banner roster and compare it with your Classlist in GeorgiaVIEW. Anyone who does not appear on your Banner roster should not be in your GeorgiaVIEW class and should be unenrolled right away. Fortunately, this is easy to do.

How to do it

Click Classlist from the upper right hand corner of your course homepage and 1), click the box next to the student’s name, 2) click the unenroll icon as shown below; then 3), confirm you want to unenroll them. That’s it.
Select student and click unenroll icon
Click yes


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