Using Turnitin

What is Turnitin?

Turnitin provides originality checking to determine plagiarism in written assignments and additional tools that allow you to leave comments and feedback on student work.

Turnitin is available in GeorgiaVIEW within the Dropbox tool.

How do I start using it?

To use Turnitin, you must first provide the following statement in your syllabus:

Bainbridge State College has a license agreement with, a service that helps prevent plagiarism by comparing student papers with Turnitin’s database and Internet sources. Students who take this course agree that all required papers may be submitted to While student privacy is protected, papers submitted to Turnitin do become source documents in Turnitin’s reference database solely for the purpose of detecting plagiarism of such papers. Use of the Turnitin service is subject to the Terms and Conditions of Use posted on Turnitin’s website. Bainbridge State College is committed to preserving academic integrity as defined by the Academic Integrity–Policies and Procedures. See the Student Handbook for honesty policies.

Setup in GeorgiaVIEW

When you want to use Turnitin on an assignment, login to GeorgiaVIEW and select the course in which you wish to add the assignment.

In the Course Home, select Assignments →  Dropbox
a screenshot showing the dropbox dropdown

In the Dropbox Folder list, select New Folder.

a screenshot showing the dropbox new folder button

You will now setup your assignment. To turn on Turnitin’s originality checking, make sure the OriginalityCheck is enabled, by checking the box that states Enable for this folder under the title OriginalityCheck.

a screenshot showing the originality check box

You can also edit existing Dropbox folders and turn on the Originality Check for previously created folders.


By enabling the Originality Check, additional options will also appear at the bottom of the same page.

a screenshot showing the generate originality reports option checked

By default, Generate Originality Reports will appear checked. Beneath this you can also click Show Advanced Originality Checking Options.


This will expand additional options, including:


Display: Checking Allow submitters to see Originality Reports will allow students to be able to see the generated originality report and determine areas where they may have plagiarized material.


Frequency: The options here determine if Turnitin will check all submissions (Automatic originality checking on all submissions) or only on those assignments that you individually select for checking (Identify individual submissions for originality checking). It is recommended to leave the automatic option checked.

a screenshot showing the display options listed above

Check submissions against: The options here allow you to decide what sources the originality check will use to check for plagiarism. It is recommended to leave all of these checked.


Index files for originality checking: The option here allows submissions to be added to Turnitin’s paper database so that other files at our institution and other institutions can be checked against it. It is recommended to leave this checked.

After adjusting your settings, click Save and Close.

Viewing Originality Check Results

Once a student has submitted an assignment, the Originality Check will begin to process the submission. Prior to the originality check being completed, you will see a notification that states that the check is In-Progress.

a screenshot showing a document checked by Turnitin in progress

Once the check is complete, you will see a percentage and a color. This information will help you to determine if the submission is an original work or not.

The color of the report icon indicates the Similarity Index of the paper, based on the amount of matching or similar text that was uncovered. The percentage range is 0% to 100% The possible similarity indices are:

  • blue – no matching text
  • green – one word to 24% matching text
  • yellow – 25-49% matching text
  • orange – 50-74% matching text
  • red – 75-100% matching text

Below are examples of how these appear in GeorgiaVIEW:
a screenshot showing a Turnitin report with red color
a screenshot showing a Turnitin report with green color
a screenshot showing a Turnitin report with blue color

The indicators alone are not always enough to determine if plagiarism has been committed. A student who has provided proper citation may also have a higher percentage in the originality check for correctly cited sources. In order to determine if plagiarism has been committed, you likely also want to view the details of the report.

Viewing the Originality Check

To view the full report for a given assignment, click on the colored area of the Report.

a screenshot showing the area which must be clicked to open the originality report

This will open the full originality check:

a screenshot showing a complete originality report

From here, you can see the highlighted areas which are unoriginal and in the Match Overview, the sources where the writing is from.

If you click on the highlighted area, it will also show more information about the original source. If the writing comes from an internet source or published work, you may also have the option to go directly to that source.

a screenshot showing a reported instance of plagiarism and the source

For student submitted papers, you will be unable to see the original source due to privacy issues, but the match overview will give you details on the percentage that is unoriginal and the source school.


Within the Originality Report viewer, you can also download the report by clicking the print icon at the bottom.

a screenshot showing the print option in Turnitin



What types of files does Turnitin accept?

  •         Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx)
  •         Plain text (.txt)
  •         Adobe Acrobat PDF (.pdf)
  •         Rich Text Format (.rtf)
  •         Encapsulated PostScript (.eps)
  •         Word Perfect (.wpd)
  •         HTML (.html, .htm)

How can I share the report with my students?

In the Dropbox, you can enable students to see Originality reports under the Dropbox properties in Advanced Originality Checking Options

a screenshot showing the button to allow students to see reports

If you do not wish to share originality reports with all students or you wish to share the report for a Dropbox which was already submitted, you can also download a PDF version of the report for sending to a student by opening the Originality Report and choosing Download PDF of current view for printing.

a screenshot showing the Turnitin print option


Can a student submit multiple drafts? Will Turnitin mark it as plagiarism?

Turnitin will not compare papers submitted by an individual student in a single course. As a result, instructors can assign Dropbox assignments with multiple drafts in a single Dropbox or different Dropbox folders for various drafts and Turnitin will not identify the developing draft papers as plagiarized.

Papers submitted in one course section in GeorgiaVIEW and then submitted in another course section in GeorgiaVIEW will be identified as unoriginal.


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