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Homepage and finding courses

How do I find my courses?
How do I search for courses by semester?
How do I search for my course by CRN?
How do I keep courses at the top of the course list?
How do I access email, pager, chat or news?
How do I change my account settings?

Finding tools in my course

How do I get to the Course Builder tool?
ContentThe course builder tool can be found in the course administration box on the course homepage.
How do I find my Dropbox, discussions, quizzes and self-assessments?
How to I access my email, pager, chat or news from within a course?
How do I access my calendar, FAQs, glossary, locker, groups, surveys, and rubrics?

Course HomePage

How do I add links to my Course Resources?
How do I access “manage files”?
How do I create a news item?

Managing Content

How do I add a new module?
How do I add a submodule?
How do I edit the titles of my modules or topics?
How do I reorder modules and topics?
How do I add new content to a content page?
How do I add existing activities to a content page?
How do I add a file (Word/PDF/etc.) to a content page?

Managing Students

Unenrolling students
unenrolling students
Viewing student progress
Viewing user progress



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