Using Release Conditions

It’s pretty simple to setup conditions that must be met before students can access certain topics in your course. For any topic you want to limit access to, click the down arrow and select Edit Properties.

Click the down arrow and choose edit properties


Then click “Add dates and restrictions.”

Click add dates and restrictions


and then click Create (click Browse if you previously have created the same release, and you can choose it again).


Click create or browse

On the next screen, you can choose from most topics, quizzes, dropboxes, etc., from your entire course as conditions for releasing this topic link. In the example below, the topic will be released when students visit the topic, “Chapter+1+Assignment.” Click Create when you have set your conditions.

Set your conditions and click "create."


Back in your topic list, you will see the attached condition. Click Update to apply the condition.


How this looks in Content

Unfortunately, the topic that has a condition on it, with one exception, does not show up in the content list for students. In other words, students do not see the topic that has a condition on it until they have met the condition. If you have a condition on quizzes, however, the quiz will show up in the topic list, but when they enter it, they will get a message that they have not met the requirements to take the quiz.

So if you have topics with conditions, it is important to let students know in your introduction to the module, or checklist, or somewhere, that the other activities will show up once they have completed the requirements.


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