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During normal business hours, you can stop-by the Office of Information and Instructional Technology in the Live Oak Building (400) or the Library on the main campus for general assistance or call 243-6992. Please note that there is not a guarantee that someone is available at all times to help walk-ins or phone calls to this office.

Get live help 24/7 by calling toll-free: 1-855-772-0423
Appropriate adaptive technology (hardware) necessary to use this number.
The GeorgiaVIEW Support Site has searchable answers to common issues.

User Progress in GeorgiaVIEW

You should always refer to the syllabus and any additional instructions within a module to help you determine if you have completed all requirements for a given module. Depending on the instructor, another method of making sure you have completed the requirements is through completion tracking. As you work your way through a module, you will see checkmarks appear to the right when you complete a part of the module. These will appear when you read content, participate in a discussion or submit a dropbox or quiz. You will also see a progress bar at the top of each module to let you know what percentage of items you have completed.

a screenshot of the content area showing the checked item and the user progress bar

Some instructors do not have all items in content, however, so make sure you are reading the instructions carefully for each module as well. Finally, there is also the user progress tool, which can be found by clicking on the dropdown by your account name and choosing Progress.

To see how user progress works, watch the video below:


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