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Online Classes at ABAC-Bainbridge

Our college offers traditional face-to-face classes, fully online classes, and “hybrid” classes that meet at least once a week in the classroom (you typically learn what you need to know about the online component of web-enhanced classes in your classroom meetings).

Why take online classes?

Fully online classes let you study at times that fit your schedule, since you do not have to come to campus at prescribed times, though you do have to complete work by certain due dates as a semester goes along. But online classes are not for everyone. You need internet access, good organizational skills, adequate reading and writing skills, and self-discipline to be successful. Find out more about what it is like to take an online class and learn more about whether or not online classes are right for you.

Required Tutorial for GeorgiaVIEW

All students in fully online courses, must complete a tutorial on using GeorgiaVIEW (our online course system). If you have not completed the tutorial as part of your First Year Experience (FYE) course, you must register for the tutorial when you register for your first fully online course. You must login to GeorgiaVIEW and complete the tutorial by the first day of the semester. If you do not complete the tutorial, you will be removed from your online courses. Learn more about this requirement.

Learn more about using GeorgiaVIEW.

Fully online students

Currently, ABAC-Bainbridge does not offer any fully online degrees or certificates. So students will need to complete some traditional courses or hybrid courses at some point in any program. For those students who are taking only online courses in a given semester, we understand that you need access to services of the college just as students on campus do. See our Online Student page for more about services for students.


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