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During normal business hours, you can stop-by the Office of Information and Instructional Technology in the Live Oak Building (400) or the Library on the main campus for general assistance or call 243-6992. Please note that there is not a guarantee that someone is available at all times to help walk-ins or phone calls to this office.

Get live help 24/7 by calling toll-free: 1-855-772-0423
Appropriate adaptive technology (hardware) necessary to use this number.
The GeorgiaVIEW Support Site has searchable answers to common issues.


a screenshot of the navbar in GeorgiaVIEW with three notification areas highlighted
When you sign in to GeorgiaVIEW, there is a notifications area next to your name. You will see three icons there.


Message alerts are for email & pager notifications

Update alerts let you know when you have a new grade, news item or an assignment due

Subscription alerts let you know of new discussion items for any discussion you have subscribed to

A red dot Red dot will appear anytime there is something new for any of these.

Message alerts

Clicking on this notification area will allow you to preview new email or pager notices. You can also go to the pager and email tools directly from here.

Update alerts

updates alert

Clicking on this notification area will allow you to view news notifications and course updates. You can click on any item to be taken to the detailed view of the item.


Types of notifications:

  • News items: News for both Bainbridge State College and the courses you are enrolled in.
  • Course content: Instructors can choose to let you know when course content has been changed (e.g. the syllabus is updated).
  • Grades: When a new grade is entered by your instructor, you will receive a notification.
  • Due dates: If an assignment has a due date, you will be notified two days prior to the due date that the assignment deadline is nearing (*Note: if you have already turned in an assignment, you will still receive these notifications*).

Subscription alerts

subscription alert

If you have subscribed to a discussion topic, any new messages or replies will appear as a notification here. Clicking on the discussion alert will take you to that topic or post.

Want to receive notifications outside of GeorgiaVIEW? View your outside notification options.


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