Importing Quizzes into GeorgiaVIEW

If you have quizzes you have created in Word that you are looking to import quickly into GeorgiaVIEW or if you are simply seeking an alternative way to add quiz questions quickly, there are two options:

  • Respondus
  • Quiz Question Importer Tool


Respondus is software you can download and install from the Faculty Resources course in GeorgiaVIEW (if you do not see it in your course list, let us know). You can create questions in the tool or import questions from a Word document. Then Respondus lets you publish these quizzes directly into your GeorgiaVIEW course. You’ll find instructions for using Respondus in the Faculty Resources course.

Quiz Question Importer Tool

Another option is the Quiz Question Importer Tool developed by the Department of Information Technology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison which allows you to copy question and answer text from Microsoft Word or another word processing program and quickly import the questions  and answers into the GeorgiaVIEW Question Library.

You can download the importer tool here and create a CSV file for import into any quiz or question library.
The link above provides a thorough documentation guide and therefore the directions below only cover the basic functions of the tool. If you are interested in functions like feedback, hints, weights or other additional features, we recommend reading the documentation provided by University of Wisconsin.

Types of Questions you can import

  • Multiple choice
  • Multi-select
  • True/False
  • Long answer (essay)
  • Short answer
  • Matching & ordering

Question/Answer Text Format

Question text should begin with either a number or letter format followed by either a period or right parentheses and a single space. For example:

1. Text for the first question    or 1) Another question

All possible answers should immediately follow the question, with each answer separated on a new line as below with no enumeration:

1. Importing questions with this tool is
fairly easy
really hard

Identifying Correct Answers

Multiple choice/Multi-select: Place an asterix (*) in front of correct choice(s).
1. Which of the following is a planet?
The sun
The moon

True/False: Enter the answer on the line after the question (Can be identified as T, t, True, TRUE, true, F, f, False, FALSE, false):

4. Water consists of hydrogen and oxygen.

For additional question types, see the tool documentation (PDF).

Saving Your Questions/Answers

After finalizing your questions, click the Create CSV file button and save the file with your desired file location/name.

Importing your questions

You can import your questions into either the question library in a course or directly into a quiz.

Importing into a GeorgiaVIEW quiz

Importing into a question library


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