Importing Quizzes from ExamView

ExamView is often included with textbook materials provided by the publisher. The software allows you to quickly create and edit quizzes from scratch or from existing test banks.

Exporting from ExamView

Once you have a quiz ready in ExamView, you can easily export the quiz for use in GeorgiaVIEW. To do so, follow the steps below:

In ExamView, click on File > Export > Blackboard 7.1+

Export in Blackboard 7.1 format

A window will pop-up. Choose the destination where you wish for the file to be saved and enter a filename.

Enter a file name

Another window will pop-up entitled Export to Blackboard 7.1+
The information you enter here will correspond to the quiz in GeorgiaVIEW.

Choose your quiz settings

  • Name: name of the quiz in GeorgiaVIEW
  • Description (optional): Instructions for your quiz which will appear in Content and on the quiz start page in GeorgiaVIEW
  • Directory Name: Question library folder name in GeorgiaVIEW. Only you will see this name.
  • Formatting and feedback: It is recommended that you do not change the formatting or feedback dropdowns selections.
  • Click OK. The quiz is now saved as a ZIP (.zip) file in the location you chose.

Importing into GeorgiaVIEW

The import/export/copy components link

Login to GeorgiaVIEW and go to the course where you wish to add your quiz.
Within the Course Home, find Import / Export / Copy Components under the Course Administration tools.

Choose your file

Select Import Components and choose the ZIP file you exported from ExamView.


Preprocessing notice

Click Start. GeorgiaVIEW will process the file. When you see checkmarks next to theDownloading the file and Reading the package, click Continue.


On the next page, click the checkbox next to Select all components and press Continue.

Select all components and continue

The next page is simply to confirm your selection. Click Continue again.
The import will be processed. Click Continue when it is complete, as seen below:

Import successful dialogue

Afterwards, go to Assignments > Quizzes to confirm that your quiz has been imported successfully and that the settings are correct.

Quizzes link

A quiz link in the quiz list


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