Importing Courses or Materials into GeorgiaVIEW


Importing from a file

You can import materials or whole courses into GeorgiaVIEW from a number of sources. To import, you must have a single file containing the materials in a format supported by the Import tool. For assistance creating an export file from another software package, see the user documentation provided with that software, or contact the CTE.

Import Components

  1. Go to the Import/Export/Copy page for your course. It can be found in your Course Home under Course Administration or under Edit Course.

a screenshot showing the two locations for importing in GeorgiaVIEW course home

  1. On the Import/Export/Copy page, select Import Components and choose file. Locate the file you wish to import and click Open, then Start.

    a screenshot showing the import components option

  2. A window will appear showing the preprocessing progress. A green check mark appears next to each stage as it is completed. Depending on the size of the selected file, this might take some time to complete. When both stages are complete, click Continue.a screenshot showing the preprocessing progress with two stages checked
  3. In the Import Options section at the top of the page, specify the import settings you want to use. In general, you can skip over some settings and go directly to Select Components to Import.
    1. If you wish to import all components, choose Select All Components and leave Import All Items selected.a screenshot showing the import option page with select all components checked
    2. If you wish to only import some components, choose Select individual items to import.
  4. Click Continue.
  5. If you chose Select individual items to import for any component in the previous step, the Select Items page appears. (Otherwise, the Confirm Import Selections page appears.) This page lists all of the items and any sub-items contained in the current component. For example, on the Select Content Items page, all of the modules, sub-modules, and topics are listed. To view sub-items, click the + Expand icon next to an item or click Expand All at the top of the list.
  6. Select the individual items and sub-items you want to import and click Continue.a screenshot showing the select quizzes page with available quizzes
  7. Repeat for each component you want to import individual items from.
  8. When you have finished selecting individual items from components, the Confirm Import Selections page appears. You can change the items selected within a component by clicking Modify. You can also review and modify the import settings.a screenshot showing a summary of selections on a confirmation page
  9. Click Continue to begin the import.
  10. The Importing Course Material page appears, showing the import progress.a screenshot showing the import process in progress
  11. When a component has been successfully imported, a green check mark appears beside it. If any component fails to import properly, a red X appears beside it.
  12. When the process is finished, click Continue to see a final summary screen with a list of any notes or warnings.

a screenshot showing the import summary page confirming the file has been imported

Note: If course components with the same name as the course components you are importing already exist in the course, you will end up with multiple course components with the same name. Likewise, if you import multiple files that contain course components with the same name you will have duplicates. For example, if your course contains a discussion topic called “Exam Review” and you import a course package that contains a discussion topic called “Exam Review,” your course will contain two topics called “Exam Review.”



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