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Accessing GeorgiaVIEW

Where do I login? The link to GeorgiaVIEW is on the BSC homepage. You can also go to GeorgiaVIEW directly at

How do I login to GeorgiaVIEW? See the Login page for more information.

How do I make sure my computer works with GeorgiaVIEW? Check your computer for compatibility and required plugins on the Technical Requirements page.

Where do I find my courses? For most courses, you will not see the link to them in GeorgiaVIEW until the first day of the semester. So even though you can login to GeorgiaVIEW before the first day, you will not be able to access the course until the first day of the semester. Your courses are listed under the Select a course dropdown on the top of the screen. More information is available at Finding Your Courses.

Why can’t I see my courses? Your courses for a new semester become available on the first day of the semester. If you look for your courses prior to the first day of the semester, they will not be available. The GeorgiaVIEW Tutorial is an exception to this standard and is available 2 weeks before the first day of the semester.

I enrolled in a course today, when will I see my course in GeorgiaVIEW? GeorgiaVIEW is updated on a nightly basis, but the enrollment data is pulled from our records some time in the afternoon. Depending on your enrollment time, you may be enrolled by the next morning or as late as 2 days after your enrollment date. It is always best to contact your instructor to inform them that you have enrolled in the course and to ensure you do not miss any assignments. The instructor can also add you to the course in GeorgiaVIEW.

Why is there nothing in a course when I enter it? Every course at Bainbridge State College has a section in GeorgiaVIEW even if the course is a traditional course that does not use GeorgiaVIEW. Some instructors in traditional classes may use GeorgiaVIEW to provide handouts and other resources for you while others will have nothing in the GeorgiaVIEW course. If you do not see content in an online class that should have it, please contact the Arts and Sciences or Technical Studies main offices.

Who do I contact if I have trouble signing in to GeorgiaVIEW or can’t find my courses? Visit Help with GeorgiaVIEW for contact information for live, technical assistance.

Is GeorgiaVIEW ever down for maintenance? GeorgiaVIEW undergoes maintenance every other Friday night. Check the maintenance schedule to see the next maintenance date.

Course Content

Why is a page blank in the content of my course? It could be that your browser is blocking “mixed content.” Learn how to fix this.

Why are links and things not lining up right in GeorgiaVIEW? If you sign-in to GeorgiaVIEW and notice that links and headings do not appear fully or do not line up like you see in the image below, your font settings likely need to be adjusted.

Screenshot of GEORGIAVIEW with text misaligned

To do this, go to the dropdown next to your name and select Account Settings.

Account settings are accessed through the link next to your name in the top right corner of the screen

In the Account Settings tab, under Font Settings choose “Verdana” under Font Face and “Small” under Font Size. Afterwards, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save and Close. GeorgiaVIEW links and headings should now fit within the format.

Image showing default font type and size
Note: If you want to adjust your view of GeorgiaVIEW to appear larger or smaller, it is recommended that you zoom in or out using your browser settings. To zoom in any browser, simply press Ctrl + (to zoom in) or Ctrl – (to zoom out).

Course Communication

Why can’t I see my email? If you encounter an error that states “Error: Not Authorized”  when going into your email, this may be due to an incomplete quiz that has a setting that prevents email use.

an image of an error encountered when attempting to access email
In order to fix this error, click on the email notification in the Minibar. You will see a message that states: “You must complete the following quizzes for alerts to be enabled:” and the name of the quiz that is preventing your email from being accessed.

an image of the dropdown with incomplete quiz notification

Click on the quiz name and you will be taken to that quiz. If the quiz is still open, click “Continue quiz” and submit the quiz. If the quiz is closed or the course is no longer active, you will need to contact the instructor of that course for assistance in changing the setting that prevents email from being used or in order to manually submit the quiz for you. If you are unable to contact the instructor, please use the help contacts for assistance.

My Inbox has unread messages, but I can’t find them. Where are they? Depending on where you access your email from, you may see that you have unread messages in your Inbox, but also see a message that states: “There are no messages to display.”

screenshot of an empty email inbox
The best method to see all unread messages is by selecting “All messages” in the Filter By: dropdown menu.

Click the filter by option to select all messages

an image of autocomplete with no results foundWhy isn’t email autocomplete working? GeorgiaVIEW will autocomplete the name of the person you are sending to only if you are in a specific course and that user is also in the course. If you try to send an email to an instructor or student from another course, it will not autocomplete as you see here on the right. To send them a message, go to Select a course and choose the course they are in and then go to the email tool. From the My GeorgiaVIEW homepage, the autocomplete function also does not work. You will need to navigate to the course to use autocomplete, or use the address book tool.

Note: It is recommended to always send emails from the course as this will inform the user you are emailing what course you are talking about in the subject line.


Why do I have to take a tutorial? To ensure that all students are equipped to be successful in online courses, Bainbridge State College requires all students of fully online courses to complete a tutorial in the basic use of GeorgiaVIEW. The tutorial will typically take less than an hour and ensures that you know how to do basic tasks in GeorgiaVIEW. Most students complete the tutorial as part of their Freshman Year Experience course. Learn more about the GeorgiaVIEW tutorial.

Getting Help

How do I get additional help?  The Help with GeorgiaVIEW link inside GeorgiaVIEW has how-to files for each of the tools in GeorgiaVIEW as well as other helpful information. Visit the Help with GeorgiaVIEW page for live, technical help and quick answers to questions about using GeorgiaVIEW. Questions about class procedures and issues should be directed to your instructor.


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