Enrolling students in your course

If students add your course after drop/add, you should manually add the student to your GeorgiaVIEW course because our data processes may not catch the enrollment after drop/add. Additionally, after giving approval to a student to add your class, it is helpful if you manually add the student so they can have access to it right away.

How to do it

Adding students is quite simple. Go to your classlist and click the Add Participants link.

click add participants

In the dropdown, click on Add existing users.

click add existing users

In the search box, enter the student’s name and click Search (magnifying glass icon).

Search for students by name

Click the box to the left of the student’s name and select “student” from the Role box. Then click the Enroll Selected Users button. If your search results in more than one student with the same name, match the student with their Username. The username is the first part of their email address.

Select and enroll


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