Disabling Email and Alerts during a Quiz

Quizzes in GeorgiaVIEW have a setting which allows you to disable access to the email and pager tools while a student is taking a quiz. This is another step which prevents communication with other students while taking a quiz. However, if a student starts, but does not submit a quiz, the email and pager will be locked until the quiz is completed. This potentially could cause issues for students who cannot access their email and/or pager, but do not know why (see how this looks on the student FAQ page).

If a student contacts you with this issue, find out which quiz they are having an issue with. If the student does not know, ask them to click on the mail icon at the top of GeorgiaVIEW as you see below. They will see a notification that “you must complete the following quizzes for alerts to be enabled” with the name of the quiz you must complete. The FAQ page above explains this more fully to students.

an image of the dropdown with incomplete quiz notification

Resolving the problem

There are two ways to fix the problem.

Turn off the disable alerts setting. Go to your quiz settings and under properties, uncheck the Disable Pager and Alerts option. Click Save. This removes the feature, and the student can then access the email and the pager.

Disable alerts dialogue box


Submit the student’s quiz. The second option is to leave the setting as it is, but to force the students quiz attempt to be submitted. This removes the block of their email and pager. To do this, go to the Quiz List and click the dropdown next to the quiz which has an unsubmitted attempt. Click Grade.

Access the grade option for a quiz
In the first tab, Users, under “Restrict to,” choose Users with attempts in progress and click the search button again.
Search for users with attempts in progress

Next to the attempt in progress, click the icon The "enter quiz as the user" icon to enter the quiz as the user.
Go to the bottom of the quiz and select Go to Submit Quiz. Click Submit Quiz and confirm quiz submission. This submits the quiz, and therefore, removes the disabling of email and the pager.


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