Showing a Current Average in GeorgiaVIEW

It is possible to show a current average to students, but you should be aware, and make sure students are aware, that a current average may not be very meaningful until much later in the semester depending on how your course grades are determined. For instance, an average of 90 which is based on two grades in a category that does not count but 10% of the final grade does not tell the student they are on the way to an A in the course. There are too many more heavily counted grades yet to be considered in the average.

There are several places where you need to be sure certain options are set. There is no particular order to setting these.

All settings are found in Grades under the Settings page. You can access this page by clicking Settings in the upper right.

screenshot showing the location for the settings page

In the Calculation Options area, be sure to “Drop ungraded items” and “Automatically keep final grades updated” as shown below.

screenshot of calculation options showing the two options above

In the Org unit Display Options page, choose to display the final grade calculation to users.

screenshot of org unit display options tab

Then from the Enter Grades area, click on the dropdown next to Final Calculated Grade and choose Grade All.

screenshot of final calculated grade dropdown options

On the next page, you can release individual grades by clicking the checkbox for a specific student or release all grades by clicking on the select all checkbox and choosing Release/Unrelease. You will see the checkboxes in the Release Calculated Final Grade column checked for each student. Click Save.

screenshot of final calculated grade release options


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