Copying from a Course

The copy components utility lets you copy quizzes, content, grade items, discussion forums, dropbox folders, and nearly every other type of component from another course. To copy components between courses, you must be enrolled in both courses. If you are not enrolled in one course, contact the CTE for assistance in copying a course (after receiving permission to copy course components).

  1. Go to the Import/Export/Copy page for your course. It can be found in your Course Home under Course Administration or under Edit Course.
    a screenshot showing the two locations for importing in GeorgiaVIEW course home
  2. On the Import/Export/Copy page, select Copy Components and click Search for Offering.
    a screenshot showing the import page with copy components selected
  3. A pop-up window will open with a list of all your courses. Navigate to find the course or use the search function to search for a specific course. Make your selection and click Add Selected.
    a screenshot showing the courses available to copy from
  4. You can then copy using two options:
    1. To copy all course components, select Copy All Components.
    2. To copy only certain items, choose Select Components.
      a screenshot showing the copy all or select components buttons
  5. If you chose Copy All Components, skip to step . If you chose Select Components, a page called Copy Course Components appears that lists the components available to copy. Select the components you want to copy using the check box next to each component. To copy only certain items from a component, choose Select individual items to copy. This allows you to select individual quizzes, discussion forums, dropbox folders, etc.
    a screenshot showing the choose components to copy list
    When you are finished selecting components, click Continue.
  6. If you chose “Select individual items to copy” for any component in the previous step, the Select Items page appears. This page lists all of the items and any sub-items contained in the current component. (For example, on the Select Dropbox Items page, you will see all of the dropbox folders and categories.). After confirming each component, click Continue to proceed to the Confirm Components to Copy page. Click Finish to begin copying.
    a screenshot showing the dropbox selection page
    If individual items were not selected, the Confirm Components to Copy page appears immediately. Click Finish to begin copying.
    a screenshot showing the confirmation page for copying items
  7. The Copy Summary page displays, showing the copy progress. When a component successfully copies, a green check mark appears beside it.
    a screenshot showing the copy completed message with a green checkmark
    If any component fails to copy properly, a yellow warning sign appears.
    a screenshot showing the copy completed with errors message with a yellow warning sign
    Clicking on the error message opens a page which details the type of error. If you encounter an error that cannot be solved, contact the CTE for assistance.
  8. After copying is complete, review your course to ensure that the copying was completed successfully without errors.

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