Using the chat tool

You can add chat sessions in your course which allows you to communicate with students in real time within the chat tool.

To access the chat tool, click on Communication in the navbar and choose Chat.

Click chat from the Communications link in a course

Within the Chat List, click New Chat.

Click New Chat and choose general or personal chat

Then choose between General chat or Personal chat.

Choose between general and personal chat

General chat is open to any user in the course to participate at any time. A general chat can only be created by instructors.

Personal chat is a more private chat and allows you to add selected members from the course or users from your personal contacts (not in the course). Other course members not included in the personal chat cannot see the chat or join unless invited.

The chat listAfter creating a chat, your new chat will appear in the chat list. Clicking on the chat name will allow you to enter the chat. Clicking on the dropdown next to the chat name will allow you to edit the chat or view past session information.

If you click on the dropdown next to a personal chat, you will see the option to view members. From here, you can add additional chat participants from the course or from your personal contacts.

add members to chats


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