Adding documents to GeorgiaVIEW

When adding a PDF, Word document and several other file types, GeorgiaVIEW has a document viewer that allows users to preview the document within GeorgiaVIEW. While this provides quick access to viewing files, there are a couple drawbacks to the Document Viewer:

  • Any hyperlinks included in a file are not clickable. Users will need to download the file in order to be able to access the links by a single click.
  • Printing options are not available. Files must be downloaded in order to initiate printing.
  • Depending on the file size, it may take a moment to load the file in the Document Viewer.

If you wish to avoid using the Document Viewer, you can simply create your files as HTML (web) pages using the Create File option in your content. Remember that this is the preferred way of putting content into your course anyway. Contact us if you do not know how to do this.

If you need your documents to stay as PDFs or Word documents, there are a few steps you can take to initiate a workaround to allow clickable links and easy printing without downloading.

Manage files link is in Course Administration
1If the file is not already in your course, click on Manage Files from the Course Home page (located under Site Resources). If the file is already in your course, go to Step 3.


2Upload the file to your Manage File area.

Click the upload button from Manage Files

3Go to Content and choose New Create a File

From content, click New and then Create a File


4Give the File a name.

Give the course file a name

5In the menu bar below, click on the Quicklink icon. Quicklink icon



Choose Course File and navigate to the file you wish to add. Click on the file.

Choose course file from the list and then your file

The file will now appear in the window. Add any additional text (optional) and click Publish.



The file will appear as a link in the content page.

This workaround will open PDF files using a browser’s PDF viewer functionality. In the case of Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome, users can view, download and print the file from the PDF viewer. In most cases, if the file is not a PDF, the file will be downloaded to the user’s computer.



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