Using Email

Using autocomplete to address emails
Using the address book
Opening email from My GeorgiaVIEW vs. opening from a course
Indentifying which course an email comes from

Using autocomplete to address emails

If you access the email tool from a course, click on Compose and in any recipient field (To, Cc, Bcc) begin typing the name of the recipient and autocomplete options will appear. Click on the name to select the recipient.

If autocomplete does not work, you are either typing the name incorrectly (or the person is not enrolled in this course), or you entered email from My GeorgiaVIEW. Enter email from within a course to enable the autocomplete function.

Auto complete only works form within a course

 Address Book

If you wish to send an email to multiple users without entering their email one at a time, you can use the address book feature. Click on address book and click on the checkbox next to the users you wish to send an email to. Afterwards, click on the preferred type of recipient method (To, Cc, Bcc). The name will be added to that field. Now, select Add Recipients and you will be taken back to the Compose page to complete your email.

Remember that you can also email students from within several tools including the Classlist as shown here.

Use the email link from within the classlist to email all or individual students

Opening email from My GeorgiaVIEW vs. opening from a course

When opening your email from My GeorgiaVIEW, you are able to read email from any course, but you may need to take note of the Filter By settings to ensure that you see all emails or to select a particular course. If you see that you have an unread email but it is not visible, choose Filter By: All Messages.

Choose filter by all messages if you cannot find a message

Identifying which course an email comes from

If a student changes the subject line of an email they send you from within a course, you can still identify the course from which the student sent the message if they emailed from within that course. To do this, look for the “Show course offerings” link just above the message in the body of the email. Click it to see the course this message came from.

Click Show Course offerings to see which course this message was sent from



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