GeorgiaVIEW Changes

In December 2014, GeorgiaVIEW underwent a moderate upgrade. On the student side, these changes will be largely unnoticeable, but there are some minor changes for you as the instructor, including increased functionality in many of the tools.




The method of impersonating the Demo Student (zzzStudent, Demo) has not changed and is still available via the Classlist.
a screenshot showing impersonate option in the classlist
The way you stop impersonating the Demo Student has changed. Click the dropdown arrow next to the username in the top right corner of the screen. Click the large X  next to Impersonating: Demo zzzStudent.
a screenshot showing the impersonation view with an X to stop impersonating

Role Switch

To view courses from the student role, you can now do this directly from any course location in GeorgiaVIEW using the navbar at the top. The Role Switch tool is no longer at the bottom of your course homepage. Click on the dropdown next to your name and select “View as Student.”
a screenshot showing view as a student option in the username dropdown
Your profile will change to state your name “as Student
a screenshot showing instructor view when viewing as a student
To return to the Instructor role, click on the dropdown again and click the X next to “Viewing as Student”
a screenshot showing the X button to stop viewing as a student
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HTML Editor

The layout of the HTML editor has changed, although the functions remain the same. The editor buttons are now grouped according to most often used.

Old HTML Editor layout:
a screenshot showing the layout of the old HTML editor
New HTML Editor layout:
a screenshot showing the layout of the new HTML editor

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The dropdown options in Content have changed slightly. Edit properties is now called Edit properties in-place which allows you to change dates, restrictions and publish/draft.
a screenshot showing the content dropdown options
For content files there is also the Edit HTML option which allows you to edit the actual content.   Change file allows you to change the file associated in content with existing files from the Manage Files area or via newly uploaded files. This is effective for items like a syllabus which will change from term to term, but do not require a name change.

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Notify Students of Content File Changes

You now have the option to send notifications to students when content files are changed in the Content area of GeorgiaVIEW.

a screenshot showing the button to notify students of changes in content

You can also write a note to accompany the notification and reset completion tracking for the item.

a screenshot showing the button to notify students of changes in content with notes

The student view of the notification in the notification navbar:
a screenshot showing a notification for students of updated content

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User Progress in Content

User progress can now be seen on individual content items. By clicking on Completion Summary, you will be able to see each student’s progress and also can hover over their name to send them an email or view their overall user progress.
a screenshot showing the completion summary button to view user progress
a screenshot showing the user progress expanded for a content item

Visit the User Progress Tool page for more details on how to use the User Progress Tool.

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Quiz Organization

The layout when editing a quiz has changed with fewer tabs and specific settings moved to new locations. Below is a look at some of the key areas of importance:


Notice that Quiz Questions are now here and Grades have been moved to Assessment
a screenshot showing the quiz properties tab


The Assessment tab has been created and combines grades, rubrics and attempt settings.
a screenshot showing the quiz assessment tab

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Submission View Time

In Submission Views, you can now limit the amount of time that students can see quiz feedback after a quiz has been completed.
a screenshot showing the quiz submission view tab

So for example, if you only want students to review quiz questions for 30 minutes after they complete an exam, you can use this setting. This is in addition to the other submission view options that were pre-existing.
a screenshot showing the quiz submission view limited time duration option

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Evaluate Unsubmitted Dropbox

You can now evaluate and give feedback for a student using the Dropbox tool even if the student has not submitted an assignment or has submitted it outside of Dropbox.
a screenshot showing the evaluate button with no file submitted

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There is now a navigation pane for topics in the Discussions tool which allows you to easily switch between different topics.
a screenshot showing the discussion navigation pane with multiple topics

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Discussion Activity

The Discussion List now gives you information about discussion activity in the form of a table. When you look at the list of Discussion topics, you can now see how many threads, the number of posts in the thread (with number of unread posts in parentheses) and the last post information. Clicking on the unread post number will display only unread posts.
a screenshot showing the discussion layout

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Brightspace by D2L

Brightspace by D2L logoDesire2Learn, the software and company behind GeorgiaVIEW has been renamed. The company is now called simply, D2L, and the Learning Management System (LMS) is now called Brightspace.

In our internal communications, we continue to refer to our LMS as GeorgiaVIEW, but you will see Brightspace in various support places provided by others.

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