Important Update for Financial Aid Applicants

If you were selected for verification by the Department of Education, or if
you have outstanding eligibility requirements, students are
now required to submit all verification forms online.
Please visit:
Once you log into the system, you will be allowed to complete the

additional forms and/or upload all required documents.
You will not be awarded financial aid until all required documents are
received and processed by the Office of Financial Aid.

Financial Aid Can Make College Affordable

Financial aid opportunities

If you have a passion, dream, or goal you want to achieve, we’re here to help you get there. At ABAC at Bainbridge we have a goal of our own – to never let finances stand in the way of our students’ success. Beyond low tuition and expenses, we offer plentiful opportunities for financial aid. We are dedicated in making sure your education is as affordable as it is excellent.

Various factors determine the type of financial aid you can receive. At ABAC at Bainbridge many resources are available to you, along with some important dates and details.

The Basics

To be eligible for financial aid, you must:

Be a U.S. citizen or an eligible non-citizen.

Have a high school diploma, GED or recognized equivalent.

Be enrolled and accepted at ABAC at Bainbridge.

Be in good standing with your payments on any federal or state student loan, and any federal grant repayments.

Take at least the minimum number of hours required by each program.

Maintain good Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Priority Dates

You can easily apply for most types of financial aid with one form – the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). If you want your FAFSA to be processed quickly,  apply soon after it becomes available, usually January 1st. Turn it in by April 1st and you will receive priority consideration. Any application turned in after the last business day of June (for the Fall semester) October (for Spring) or April (for Summer) may not be processed before classes begin. Please note, if you submit your paperwork during peak processing times and after the priority dates the processing time on your file may take 3-5 weeks. You must apply for financial aid every year.

Other Important Information

Financial Aid will only pay for classes for the primary major. You are responsible for all other classes you choose to take.

The  2014-2015 BSC Financial Aid Award Guide will provide basic information about the financial assistance programs available to students at ABAC at Bainbridge.

You can check your financial aid status and award information 24/7 online with your Banner Web account. Our Banner Web Instructions form will show you how to get to where you need to go on Banner!

All Student must also meet ABAC at Bainbridge Office of Financial Aid policy for Standards for Satisfactory Academic Policy: (Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy).

All records and conversations between you, your family, and our Financial Aid Office staff are confidential. No information will be released to anyone outside our offices without your permission, in accordance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act.



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