Enhancing a Course with GeorgiaVIEW

GeorgiaVIEW tools can help you to streamline some of your instructional processes and engage with your students outside of the traditional classroom hours.

Below are a few ways you can get GeorgiaVIEW to work for you:

Sharing Content

Instead of printing and passing out handouts in class, share your content online in GeorgiaVIEW for students to access anywhere.

Watch the animations below to see how to create a module and upload files

Create a Module

an animation showing how to add a new module

Adding Files

an animation showing how to upload a file

The Help Files within GeorgiaVIEW provides details on how to add content to your course. They can be accessed by signing into GeorgiaVIEW and choosing Help files → Content.

a screenshot showing the help files location in GeorgiaVIEW

Posting Grades

GeorgiaVIEW allows you to organize your gradebook, share grades with students and even automatically calculate your grades. You can also give feedback on assignments via the gradebook.

Login to GeorgiaVIEW and click on Help Files → Grades to view details about the gradebook.

Contact the CTE for more information on our gradebook workshops offered at regular intervals.


Take your conversations outside of the classroom with discussions in GeorgiaVIEW. Post a question to discuss prior to coming to class to help students prepare or have an area for students to ask follow-up questions and get clarification for the class.

Login to GeorgiaVIEW and click on Help Files → Discussions to view details about setting up discussions.

Email Contact

GeorgiaVIEW provides email that is separate from your @bainbridge.edu email and automatically identifies the course and section a student is enrolled in when they contact you, making it easy to identify.

a screenshot showing an email in GeorgiaVIEW with the course name


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