Name Position Department

Quinn, Wayne

Director of Plant Operations

Reagan, William

Assistant Professor of Business & Management

Reeves, Lisa

Administrative Assistant

Register, Joyce

Information Analyst

Reyes-Smith, Lisa

Enrollment Assistant

Reynolds, Barry

Associate Professor of Information Technology

Reynolds, Susanne

Media Coordinator

Roberts, Mary

Part-time Instructor

Robinson, Ashley

ADN Program Assistant

Robinson, James

Part-time Instructor

Robinson, LaShawn

Technology Support Specialist

Rogers, Sandra

Administrative Secretary

Ross, Jeffrey

Nursing Chair/Associate Professor of Nursing

Rubenbauer, Jason

Dean of Health Sciences & Professional Studies

Sammons, Joy

Part-time Instructor

Sarrette, David

Associate Professor of Health, Physical Education & Wellness

Seafield, Pearl

Part-time Instructor

Sellers, Kimber

Student Services Coordinator ,

Sharp, Kenneth

Part-time Instructor

Shepherd, Barbette

Part-time Instructor of Psychology

Shores, Julie

Cosmetology Instructor

Shorter, Frederick

Associate Professor of English & Speech

Sills, Debra

Building Services

Simmons, Ansley

Part-time Instructor

Simpson, Joann

Dean of Arts & Sciences ,

Sinclair Ph.D., Carol

Professor of English

Smart, Lisa

Part-time Instructor

Smith Ph.D., Patrick

Professor of English

Smith, Teresa

Part-time Instructor

Soicher, Raechel

Part-time Instructor

Spence, Renee

Associate Professor of Business Administrative Technology

Spooner, James

Director of Public Safety/Police Chief

Spooner, Mike

Grounds Maintenance Worker

Stephens, Raymond

Grounds Maintenance Worker

Stewart, Spencer

Associate Dean of Student Affairs

Thompson, Pat

Agribusiness Instructor

Thompson, Robert

Assistant Registrar

Toole, Hope

Associate Professor of Technical Math

Trujillo, Nancy

Part-time Instructor

Vanzo Ph.D., John


Von Hirsch Ph.D., Marina

Professor of English & Humanities

Walsingham, Michael

Part-time Instructor

Warfield, Leigh

Admissions and Student Life Specialist

Webb, Jay B.

Instructor of English & Humanities

Welch, Annie

Allied Health Instructor

Welch, Hazel

Part-time Instructor

West, Daniel

Part-time Instructor

Whitaker, Tracy

Accounting Assistant

White, Ali

CAB Coordinator

White, Benjamin

Associate Professor of Information Technology

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