Name Position Department

Killingsworth, Alan

Financial Aid Counselor

Kirkland Ph.D., Michael

Executive Director, ABAC-Bainbridge

Kirkus, John

Part-time Instructor

Kistner, Leonard

Associate Professor of Management

LaFace Ph.D., Betty

Professor of English and French

Lane, Dianne

Part-time Instructor

Langley, Sandra

Part-time Instructor

Lavatte, Victor

Computer Lab Worker

Leggett Ph.D., Carol

Associate Professor of Biology

Leslie, Neleen

Part-time Instructor

Lewis, Brian

Police Officer

Lord, Patti

Professor of Mathematics

Lunt, Roger

Assistant Professor of Social Science

Marshall, Kathy

Instructional Coordinator

Matthews, Tony

Instructor of Technology

McCray, Harold

Building Services Worker

McFay, Michael


McGowen, Jessie

Part-time Instructor

McIntosh, Nanette

Adult Education Director

McLendon, Bruce

Grounds Maintenance Worker

McLendon, Nancy

Practical Nursing Instructor

McLendon, Sheila

Associate Professor of Technical Mathematics

McNair, April

Administrative Assistant/Dispatcher

McVey, Deanne

Part-time Instructor

Messersmith, Richard

Academic Counselor

Miley Ph.D., Jenna

Professor of Computer Science

Miller, Revonn

Part-time Instructor

Mitchell, Martha

Part-time Library Professional

Montgomery, Everett

Instructor of Accounting

Montgomery, Rena

Part-time Instructor

Morris, Kevin

Tech Maintenance Supervisor

Murchison, Johanna

Part-time Instructor

Murphy, Melanie

Administrative Assistant

Napier, Jeffery

Environmental & Safety Coordinator

Nelson Ph.D., David

Associate Professor of History

Newberry, Sherri

Instructor of English

Nifong, Thaddeus

Part-time Instructor

Nowell, Tammy

Executive Director of GYSTC

Owens, Kay

Student Accounts Director

Palmer, Mamie

Part-time Instructor

Parker, Denise

Assistant Professor of Administrative Office Technology

Parker, Victoria

PN Instructor

Pashnyak, Tatyana

Professor of Business & Medical Administrative Technology

Perez, Starla

Part-time Instructor

Pittman, Mia

Part-time Instructor

Poitevint, Kathryn

Part-time Instructor of Adult Education

Posey, Rebecca

Accounts Receivable Technician

Powell, Kellie

Student Success & Retention Specialist

Prieta, Raquel

Part-time Instructor

Quinn, Wayne

Director of Plant Operations

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