At ABAC at Bainbridge, we are dedicated to addressing the many needs of our students. If you have a documented disability, we would like to offer appropriate accommodations that will assist you in reaching your academic goals. Katie Harrell, our Disability Services Specialist, looks forward to meeting you and beginning the process.

The Office of Disability Services offers the resources and guidance necessary to help ABAC at Bainbridge students achieve their academic and personal goals.

Katie Harrell
Academic Counselor/Disability Services Specialist

This process will include:

  • Please make an appointment with Katie Harrell
  • ABAC at Bainbridge Disability Evaluation Form and all supporting documentation must be collected and you must be counseled by Ms. Harrell
  • Your case will be considered and accommodations will be assigned by the Regents Center for Learning Disorders at Georgia Southern University; this part of the process can take 3-4 weeks
  • After we receive correspondence from the Regents Center, we will draft a letter that details your accommodations
  • You will meet with your instructor/s and discuss this letter with them BEFORE the first day of classes so that you will be able to maximize the effects of your accommodations
  • You will be required to correspond with Ms. Harrell periodically during each semester to discuss and adjust (if necessary) your accommodations
  • We follow all procedures and policies outlined in ADA legislation.



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