If you have already discussed the issue with your instructor but have not come to a resolution on the matter, or you are not comfortable discussing the issue, you can appeal the instructor decision or complain about a matter to the appropriate Dean. Below is a list of Deans and their contact information. Contact the appropriate Dean to further discuss the issue.

If you have already discussed the issue with the instructor and the Dean, you can file a complaint or an appeal to the administration for further consideration.

  • Main Campus Arts and Sciences courses
    • Contact Ms. Joann Simpson, 229-243-3040, Joann.Simpson@bainbridge.edu
  • Main Campus Health Sciences and Professional Studies courses
    • Contact Mr. Jason Rubenbauer, 229-243-4264, jason.rubenbauer@bainbridge.edu
  • BSCEC Arts and Science or HSPS courses
    • Contact Ms. Lori Haddock, 229-724-2405, lori.haddock@bainbridge.edu

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